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August 2022 Wrapup

Jesse Samsel knows his way around the Fender Stratocaster. Here's Mick's first chance to hear it played well.

Thank you to Cristina Walker for catching this fun part of the Mick Schafer Band show at Lightning in a Bottle records Festival last weekend.

Grateful for a chance to practice a new skill. It was suggested that intros might be better received with something played in the background. Here's a new attempt at the OHSU Farmers Market show from this last Tuesday. Rainbow@OHSU

Gratitude for the company of excellent musicians! Selfie from last Friday's Brickhouse show.

Back to the Vault in Les Pauls town getting ready for the Boulevard Bash this Saturday afternoon on Mick's birthday August 27th! Washington Heights Neighborhood Association

Gratitude to Jamey Winchester for making a mic stand out of scratch which I needed to perform an early show at the OHSU Farmers Market.


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