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October Wrapup from Mick Schafer

If you missed any of our social media posts for October below are some of my favorites.

Paula Small previously from KBOO's show Paula's Picks invited Mick to the Community Upside Podcast Chat and a fascinating talk about music connection was recorded yesterday. Stay tuned for Paula Small's production of this!

Monday Music. New song is brewing up for October called Who Do I Believe.

We're excited to be coming back to Smoky Hearth Restaurant, Bar & Grill this month. Here's something from a sweet previous evening there with Timmer Blakely on bass and Cary Samsel on electric guitar.

The new song by Mick Schafer, "Who Do I Believe" is moving forward

Friday Music. Over at Tom Esch's place we're working some basslines for Who Do I Believe.

Mick Schafer discusses how Songwriting Takes him for a Ride.

Mick Schafer asks Lyft rider how they know Who to Believe. Tonight at Clark's Bistro and Pub the new song Who Do I Believe will get played!

Music Monday. Shout out to Tom Esch for his songwriting help and for his dad power.


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