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Mick Schafer | About

Vocalist, Guitarist and Band Leader Mick Schafer has been singing since childhood. Mick’s voice was made known to him in the 7th grade church choir.  At 20 he quit college and ventured to Europe to perform for tips and meals. He spent 1970 and 71 playing music around Europe. He always wanted to perform professionally but when he got back to the states, he was beset with depression and couldn’t manage it.

The Dad chapter was next when Mick adopted his son Chris and got a good day job to support Chris through the 80’s and 90’s. The guitar was close by.

In the 2000’s, with son Chris off to the Navy, Mick got paid gigs fronting Blackberry Jam (later known as Tree Top Tribe) all over Portland, Oregon. The decade culminated with the first full album, Blackberry Jam being published on CD Baby.

Photo: Andree Pothier

The next chapter kicked off in 2017 including shows with an array of stellar local musicians under the moniker of The Mick Schafer Band, in support of the new Americana record, One Silken Scarf.” Also published on CD Baby.

When the pandemic hit and we all went indoors Mick focused on the Blues genre and, with the help of his friends, came out the other end with a record called Back to the Blues.


The new twist is that Mick has joined a new blues label Lightning in the Bottle Records. Back to the Blues is being released directly through this label:

“I really like (Mick’s) music. It’s very personal and very soulful. I like his lyrics too. It’s…spacious, even though it’s hard driving. He leaves a lot of space in his lyrics, so there’s room for (the music) to breathe. And let us (the musicians) just groove. I like his sense of timing…and really enjoy his approach, and the truthful sincerity in his music. I got goose bumps a bunch of times (about recording the record with Mick).”  Dave Captain Bass Player

Honored to be featured in an article from the Cascade Blues Association. So many amazing musicians collaborating together in The Mick Schafer Band!

Mick Schafer’s Voice Will Draw You in and You’ll be Tapping Your Toes in No Time

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