Mick Schafer | Media and Press Kit

Genres: Gypsy Rock, Americana, Blues, Jazz


With a new record, One Silken Scarf in hand, Mick’s work has been compared to a mash up of Los Lobos, Lyle Lovett, and Elvis Costello with a gravelly soulful voice all his own. He mixes roots with love and loss to deliver an inspired connection with his audience, and the eclectic artists who work and play with him, capturing their life experience.


“Mick sings with nothing but heart. It’s the unexpected highlight of my year so far.” Bob Stark, One Silken Scarf Producer


“I really like (Mick’s) music. It’s very personal and very soulful. I like his lyrics too. It’s…spacious, even though it’s hard driving. He leaves a lot of space in his lyrics, so there’s room for (the music) to breathe. And let us (the musicians) just groove. I like his sense of timing…and really enjoy his approach, and the truthful sincerity in his music. I got goose bumps a bunch of times (recording the record with Mick).” Dave Captein One Silken Scarf Bass Player

Interviews About Mick Schafer and One Silken Scarf Project by Dave Captain, Bassist, Bob Stark, Producer; and Dean Baskerville, Engineer. Directed by Cypress Jones, filmed at Sonic Studio



Tear of Joy | 2:50

Sunset Sky | 3:39

Lullaby of Love | 3:26

One Silken Scarf | 2:50

Enough | 5:35

She Woke Up | 3:27

Can’t Be There | 3:09

Baby | 6:16

Astara | 3:18

Playing with Fire | 5:02

Liberty Load | 3:06

Unimproved Road | 3:59

Music Video for One Silken Scarf by Mick Schafer Band, from One Silken Scarf. Directed by Cypress Jones, filmed at Sonic Studio.

All Songs Written by Mick Schafer
Except She Woke Up: Schafer, Fizale
Tear of Joy and Astara: Schafer, Tom Esch
Can’t Be There: Schafer, BJ Abe
Lullaby of Love: Tony Cardo