Mick Schafer | Partners


Bob Stark

Timmer Blakely


Recording Engineers:

Dean Baskerville

Dennis Carter





Jason JT Thomas

Mark Bowden

Ken “Willie” Scandlyn

Jesse Samsel

Cary Samsel

Jack Fortner

Yoshi Ex

Kathryn Grimm

Josh Makosky



Michael Elson

Colin Hogan

Paul Paresa 



Dave Captein

Timmer Blakely

Brian Link

Tom Esch

Jacob Badger

Dave Smith



John Moore

Jeramy Burchett

Eric Ching

Matt Ramsdell

Duncan Branom

Cheo Larcombe



John Nastos

Thomas Barber

David Evans

John Moak

Dick Titterington

John Dover

Nathan Carver Smith

Chris Raymond | Sax

Kristian Woods | Trumpet and Flugelhorn



Tom Esch

Kyleen King


Website, Design, Social Media Consulting:

Deborah Newman, Petite Taway


Design, Layout and Illustration:

Mike King



Portland Event Photography – Doug Cody

Andre Pothier

Erica Mitchell

Jason Unger

Lorna Doone

Kathy Rankin Photography



Cypress Jones


Voice Coach:

Mel Kubik


Promotion, Marketing and Management Consulting:

Sally Custer



Bart Day



Terry Currier


Wardrobe and Spiritual Counsel: :

Cindy Happel

Mick Schafer | Contact


Mick Schafer     503 933 9898


Public Relations

Sally Custer       503 229 4887 

Social Media/WebSite

Deborah Newman, Petite Taway

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