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June 2023 Wrapup

The Mick Schafer Duo (Mick Schafer & Jesse Samsel) is grateful for this chance to participate in the Journey to Memphis contest. In just over two weeks! Sponsored by the Cascade Blues Association

Vocalist, guitarist, and band leader Mick Schafer has been singing since childhood – he started in 7th-grade choir and continues to work with a vocal coach to bring it to a new level.

He’s teaming up with veteran Muddy award-winning guitarist Jesse Samsel on a new Blues record for Lightning in the Bottle Records. This pairing has been so yummy that they decided to bring it to the Cascade Blues Association’s Journey to Memphis Contest! Learn more below!

To Scat or Not to Scat

Mick's messing around with a new song at the Art Walk gig last Tuesday. Does scat work on this tune?

Here's a slice of 2 Star Motel. The song's finish at the JTM contest. No, we didn't win.


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