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A Community of Musicians

After recording the One Silken Scarf album this year, the capability to attract more musicians jumped exponentially! The Music Producer of One Silken Scarf, Bob Stark, introduced me to many of the region’s best musicians. If that wasn’t enough, his arrangements and charts gave me access to even more!

My model is a little unique, in that instead of having a regular band, I bring in amazing regional talent, who make up a moving feast of music with different band members at each show. Booking more shows is feasible, now that so many generous and excellent musicians are performing with the Mick Schafer Band.

The show coming up on November 16th at Clark’s Bistro and Pub will include Brian Link on Bass, Colin Hogan on Keyboards, and Jesse Samsel on Electric Guitar. We’ll also have Brandy Hutchinson on Drums, Chris Raymond on Sax, Kristian Woods on Trumpet and the wonderful collaborator and good friend Tom Esch on Fiddle.

In upcoming concerts we’ll have guitar slinger JT Thomas, and drummer Matt Ramsdell coming back. One of our most exciting shows at the Brickhouse had John Dover on Trumpet and Nathan Carver Smith on Sax. They’ll be back.

A new guest Saxophone player will be with us at the next Brickhouse show, Nicole McCabe and a new guest drummer Eric Ching.

Hearing these musicians play and contribute to our original music is exciting and fascinating! As the music grows with their participation, so grows this community of musicians and I love being a part of it!


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