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April 2023 Wrap-up

Tonight at Sequoia Gallery + Studios 136 SE 3rd St. Hillsboro Oregon. Mick and Tom Esch will be playing from 5 to 6:30pm. Here's a slice of their sound.

This slice of gig from last Wednesday at DAnu Wines Hillsboro shows Mick playing a guitar riff that was taught to him by the guitar player standing next to him. Thank you JT Thomas for this catchy rhythm.

This is the announcement of the death of Mick's favorite crazy cowboy hat that had seen him through much calamity and joy.

Also an invitation to see the unveiling of the new crazy cowboy hat at a gig on Wednesday April 19 at @AtTheGarages

I'm grateful that Bill over at Influence Music suggested making some solo material to share.

Here's a nice section of solo at Weichert's Realty party a few months ago.

Mick's first gig with the new hat. At the Garages at Timmer Blakely's Guitarmaggedon show. How's it look?

First Gig with a new hat. It's called the Stampede!


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