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April Recaps with Mick Schafer

April Recap from Mick Schafer. If you missed some of our social media posts in April here are some of our favorites below.


"I keep thinking, there's not gonna be enough, but you remind me, dig up some love" From the One Silken Scarf CD song Enough. Straight from the new place in Wisconsin.

A challenging trip needs traveling music. Thank you Penske for the great truck and trailer that we used two weeks ago before the lockdowns.

Plenty of time to build skills and connect on Zoom with Mick Schafer.

"Soon as I could play one guitar chord and laid my ear upon that wood, I was gone. My soul was sold. Music was everything from then on." John Prine (October 10, 1946 – April 7, 2020) RIP #wednesdaywisdome #johnprine #johnprinetribute

A lot of people are feeling it for their grandparents as they continue to be separated so a song celebrating the grandmothers (Nana in this case) seems appropriate. A song celebrating grandmothers.

Mick still has stuff to do includes collaborations from distances. It's time to record new material!

We're moved in and ready to start laying down the tracks. The audio interface Mick mentions in the video is the MOTU M2.

Working on a problematic lyric timing, the cover song Many Rivers gets an upgrade.


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