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April Wrap Up from Mick Schafer

April Overview for Sprucing Up Our Show Theme

Some concepts we learned this month. Sprucing up the band isn’t just cool boots, blazers and hats but they do factor in the fun zone! Getting some quiet time before the gig spruces up the readiness also. Being ready musically is a challenge with so many different musicians jumping in the mix but DropBox is ready 24/7 with Mp3’s, videos and charts for review.

New trio and duo arrangements from the full Mick Schafer Band are opening up more gig opportunities. Stay tuned for a Mick Schafer Band duo competing in the Journey to Memphis competition on May 10th!

Once we get to the gig different rooms can really be a challenge for good sound but the Bose Model L1 Model 2 PA system is amazing, not to loud, not too soft and great clarity. One more equipment sprucing plug is the Poly2 tuner which shows all the guitar strings at once with the best sensitivity yet.

A wonderful performance enhancement has been the dovetail of previous Body Mapping/Alexander Technique training at Portland State University and the current vocal coaching from Thomas Blaylock. Body awareness and balance in performance is taking vocals to a new level.

Speaking of balance, The Mick Schafer Band is committed to finding the right volume so people can enjoy the music AND still hear each other. Please come by and let us know if we’re hitting that sweet spot!

If you missed any of our social media posts this month here are some of our favorites below.


My April Theme is "Sprucing Up the Show". What could make our performance better? The overarching theme for better performance is finding the sweet spots. There’s lots of them. On stage it’s wonderful to find the volume of music that allows the audience to feel connected to the music and to the person next to them. The sweet spot! For the rest of April we’ll talk about more of these tips.

I am always looking for tools to help me in my profession. DropBox is one of those tools, its a sweet spot for communicating ideas and music to other musicians. DropBox holds Mp3’s, Charts and Videos that can be reviewed by team members as we're getting ready for a performance

Mick Schafer tour of the upgrades at the Brickhouse Bar & Grill, Vancouver. New stage, new sound system, new entry room bar. Its looking great in there for our show tonight

Thank you Sheri Carey for catching this sweet John Dover solo last night at the Brickhouse Bar & Grill

“If you play music with passion and love and honesty, then it will nourish your soul, heal your wounds and make your life worth living. Music is its own reward.” I love this quote from Sting and would love to have you join me tomorrow to Catfish Lou's for a night of dancing and music brought to you by Portland Blues.

Music Monday. There are multiple sweet spots (balance points) in the human body related to performance as Mick learned in Lisa Ann Marsh's Body Mapping Class at Portland State University. Recently with Thomas Blaylock's vocal guidance body awareness is going to a new level in the singing.

Friday Music. Making new arrangements with less musicians allows for more work in duo and trio combinations. Last Wednesday Mick and Jesse Samsel got recorded by Cary Samsell for a duo sound. This will be used in the Cascade Blues Association's Journey to Memphis contest. The Mick Schafer Band is entering in the solo/duo category this year.

Mick Schafer finds that Peaceful state for Gig Prep. Sit still for an hour and get the performance benefit.

Getting ready for Friday’s performance at Clark's Bistro and Pub, we're making effort to spruce up band performance in many areas. Van Gogh might agree."Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

Sticking to this month's theme on Sprucing Up Our Show, What wardrobe items help our performance? Mick likes boots and hats.


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