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August 2020 Wrapup from Mick Schafer

Mick Schafer performs a slice of Desperado on Zoom. For anyone that's had recovery from addiction Desperado is such a powerful song.

Good will is a wonderful experience. Mick finds an old guitar inside Goodwill and plays Wiley's instumental tune, Calvin and Hobbes.

Feeling the Love for quality Portland, Oregon musicians that have played with us: Colin Hogan (singer, keyboards, electric guitar), John Dover (trumpet, flugelhorn), Brian Link (Bass) and Stephen B Weinstein (drums).

Could touring be hazardous if you play the wrong song in the wrong place? Could Many Rivers be played anywhere? We would appreciate feedback. Thank you Benji Howard for this tune

Friday Music. In this time of dramatic cultural change the Mick Schafer Band celebrates these new puzzle pieces.

Sharing some jamming joy from 2018 with friends at @MontavillaStation

It may be awhile before this jamming environment will be safe but the day will come.

#WednesdayWisdom "When there are dogs and music people have a good time." Emmylou Harris

#fridayfeeling with Mick Schafer

When we're up against a wall its time for the liberty load.

The first song Mick ever learned is a good antidote for money worry. Greenback Dollar anyone?

Is there gonna be enough? The Mick Schafer Band thinks so back at Clark's Bistro in 2019.

We got big trouble all over the place. In order to face challenges like these we need the Big Love. One so strong it can bring tears. The Mick Schafer Band offers a slice of Lullaby from Tony Cardo's song.


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