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August Starts out Amazing with The Mick Schafer Band

I love the summer in Portland and I love the local music scene! Its been a week of new friendships and new venues. In case you missed our social media posts for the week, here is a recap!

There's a new wonderful drummer in our mix. Stephen B is getting some high marks from the bass player Brian Link. https://youtu.be/o8GmfUL1OhM #MusicMonday #MickSchaferBand #PDXMusic

"We're having a blast at the Montavilla Station Blues Jam tonight. Got well received in the 3rd set teaming up with Chad Rupp and a harp player named Tweedy who said he just got off tour with Christone "Kingfish" Ingram. Christone is young blues guitarist that has recently blown up." Mick Schafer, from Montavilla Station Blues Jam

#MyTownTuesday#MickSchaferBand #PDXMusic #MusicianLife

Patience is the Companion of Wisdom. St Augustine

(Photo Taken at Nancy Laich's farm by Cindy Happel)

#WednesdayWisdom #MickSchaferBand #ForestLove #InTheWoods

Nothing like your very first car in the summertime to get to gigs!!

#ThrowbackThursday#MickSchaferBand #MyFirstCar #GettotheGig

"There's parking places all over the place!" Mick Schafer at Trails End Saloon https://youtu.be/AJirX7kbaDQ #FundayFriday #MickSchaferBand #TrailsEndSaloon

"Oh wait! It's Timmer and Andre!" Mick at Trails End Saloon. https://youtu.be/bmJLVKstdu0 #SelfieSaturday #MickSchaferBand #PDXMusic

#TrailsEndSaloon #august

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