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August Wrapup from The Mick Schafer Band

August was fun. Gigs and new songwriting.

In Case You Missed Our Social Media Posts Here are some of my favorites.


The song Nana Max is about Angels. At an early age when parents weren’t around for whatever reason Angels stepped up to make sure we were ok. For one co writer of this song, Diana Dokos, it was her Grandmother Max. For Mick, the other co writer, it was Anna Cross. These amazing people’s eyes reflected the love we needed to see. Thank you to Cindy Happel for shooting this video out at Big Valley in the foothills of Mt Hood. Question to the audience: Did you have an early Angel?

Looking for forward to our Gig Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 8 PM at Catfish Lou's new location! Learn more and listen to owner Michelle's interview where she gives us a shoutout! Listen here: #mickschaferband #pdxmusic #pdxvenues#pdxmusician #catfishlous

Mick Schafer talks about his experience performing at the Seaside Farmers Market, Seaside, Oregon. Timmer Blakely on bass and Timothy James on electric guitar accompanied Mick's bluesy soulful tunes.

From Seaside (Thank you The Mick Schafer Band, we loved having you out to play! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. I got lots of great feedback from everyone about how much they were enjoying your band.)

Friday Music. An unfinished song came back alive today with lots of sweet emotion. Its time to finish it. Part 1

Part Two of the unfinished song that came back alive. How critically important could it be for a recovering codependent to remember key understandings that were beginning to free him as he could see them.

Monday Music. In the studio with many takes. The unfinished song includes a 1st verse that sets up the 4 following dreams. The Dream Lady's message will unfold. We got the encouraging response for this new version of the unfinished song Friday night at Clark's Bistro and Pub Here's the opening verse.

“Dreams aren’t what you leave behind when morning comes. They are the stuff that fill your every living moment.” David Continuing to finish the unfinished, Video of the 1st Dream


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