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February 2020 Updates

In case you missed any of my social media posts in February below are some of my favorites.


It's time to put Charlie's Hideout back on the setlist for the Clark's Bistro and Pub gig coming up on February 28th. This is the first Mick Schafer song to be played on the radio thanks to Paula Small and her KBOO show.

The Family is one of natures masterpieces." George Santayana. Family reunion party fun in Osprey, Florida.

Mick Schafer performing The Blues at the longest running Blues Jam in the State of Florida at Green Iguana Bar & Grill in Tampa, Florida!

"Going back" hasn't been recorded yet but its time to get it on this Fridays Clark's Bistro and Pub set list!

Puzzle Pieces (brand new landscape) has been added to tonight's set list for Clark's Bistro and Pub


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