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February Wrap Up with Mick Schafer

February 2019 will be a month Mick Schafer will never forget. Starting vocal training with esteemed vocal coach Thomas Baylock has been inspiring and it has set Mick on the road to being a better singer. Thomas R. Blaylock is a “Singing Voice Specialist” (i.e. specializing in vocal function for singers), voice teacher, voice scientist, performer and conductor. He taught voice and choral music in high school to university level from 1968 to 1981 and has had a private voice studio since 1968. His singers include concert, opera, musical theatre, and popular artists in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo and other cities around the world. Keb Mo and Curtis Salgado are two of Mr. Blaylock’s students that really inspired Mick’s decision to take vocal coaching.

One of the most important lessons Mick has learned from working with Mr. Blaylock is committing to a daily vocal exercise that will help Mick hold a note longer. Stay tuned for updates on Mick's Vocal Training Updates.

Also if you missed any of Mick's social media posts from February here are some below.


February is here and way exciting because now we get to learn from one of the best voice coaches anywhere, Thomas Blaylock. Too much happened to post now but Mick got to sit where Curtis Salgado and Keb Mo sat with Tom Blaylock upping their skills. Much more to come. Stay tuned.#mickschaferband #pdxmusic #mondaymotivation#musician #music #learning #voicecoach#musicianlife

Tom Blaylock asked Mick what needed attention. Mick said his voice gets muffled during performances. When Tom found out the Shure 58 mic was involved, he recommended the Sennheiser e835 made by Sennheiser. That mic is already on its way. You can read about it at: #mickschaferband #pdxmusic #wisdomwednesday#musician #music #learning

Continuing Our Learning Journey to be a Better Vocalist, our second meeting with voice coach, Tom Blaylock gets real.

Voice coach, Tom Blaylock's style is very relaxed with a lot of natural curiosity about what Mick was bringing to the table. He listened to 3 different tracks from our One Silken Scarf Album and seemed intrigued by the eclectic nature of mixing genres and how the voice tied it together.

Tom Blaylock's Voice Gym. After a bit of testing with sung vowel sounds Tom Blaylock and Mick launched into singing while doing a breathing exercise. One hand on the stomach to make sure the diaphragm was doing its proper job and off we went. Mick was impressed that Tom was singing the exercise with him! Somehow that got Mick to let go more and really belt it out.

The first visit to Thomas Blaylock's NW Institute of Voice was pretty exciting. Mick stood outside the entrance door a little intimidated as he heard powerful operatic singing coming from inside. A few minutes early and not sure of entering protocol, he waited. In a few minutes Tom Blaylock opened the door and said "I could feel you outside the door." Later Mick realized that the next appointment just walks in and sits down in the foyer which is open to the practice room. Once the woman ahead of him (who was preparing for an audition in New York) was done, they had a brief exchange and it was Mick's turn to approach the piano where Tom conducts from. One never knows who one will run in to at Tom Blaylock's!

"Looking for great music at Music Millennium reminded me of one great story from my Voice Coach Thomas Blaylock about his work with Keb' Mo'. Keb came for help because he wanted to sing "more in the pocket." Later Bonnie Raitt noticed the improvement and let Tom know. I realize I am in good hands with my Coach." Mick

Want to share the video from this amazing article from Portland Notes "MICK SCHAFER BRINGS IT HOME TO CLARK’S BISTRO AND PUB" Portland Notes FEBRUARY 19, 2019 by PAUL LANKOW

What a great combination from Saturday night! Mick Schafer, Colin Hogan and Brian Link honing their chops on the Tom Waits cover "Make it Rain" at the Prosperity Pie Shoppe. Thank you Jack Allen for the video!

In Mick's quest to be a better singer, he wants to understand about singing in the pocket so Renowned Vocal Coach Tom Blaylock clarifies the importance of singing the consonants ahead of the beat.

Mick Schafer learning vocal exercises at Tom Blaylock's Studio. The daily practice has been established with Tom Blaylock's help and encouragement. Mick's voice is going to the gym.


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