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Gratitude from The Mick Schafer Band

"Gratitude list for 2018 (and in no particular order):

  • Selected to be honored by Multnomah County Library in their local music streaming program.

  • First shows around Portland at Catfish Lou's, Diversity Club, Fox Farm Vineyards, Smoky Hearth, Sacred Money Studios, and 503 Uncorked.

  • Featured performer for Portland Blues and Kivet Bednar's band.

  • First performance in Tampa, Florida at the Green Iguana.

  • Elevated band skills in multiple new training with Thunder Studios.

  • The new home studio that I share with Cindy Happel in Lake Oswego.

  • An amazing new Lupin Communications team member, Shelley Garrett.

  • Assisting with content writing, we're lucky to have Christine Fruehling.

  • The locally released Gypsy Blue songs as a vinyl 45. As well as One Silken Scarf available as CD or download through CD Baby

  • Many new friends and followers were made on Facebook and Instagram.

  • The continuation of Deborah Newman's wonderful work on our website and social media accounts,

  • Our second full year under the guidance of Lupin Communications founder Sally Custer.

  • Emily Overstreet's assistance getting One Silken Scarf up on Bandcamp.

  • On the radio, live music and interview on KXRW's 'The Vibe' with Ryan Reed.

  • The interview with Sean Steward of KBOO pitching our vinyl 45 release and One Silken Scarf CD.

  • Current airplay at KHOL in Jackson Hole Wyoming by DJ Studebacher Hoch.

I'm truly grateful for what I listed here and so much more. Thank you!" (Mick)


In case you missed any of my social media postings this month here are some of my favorites.

Next we came indoors with Jacob Badger and his standup bass and then this week Johnny Villalva brought a Conga plus Johnny's got stories of hanging out with Los Lobos when they come to town. "Practice space. We're grateful to had rented a cottage house big enough to start bringing in musicians to rehearse and experiment. Ophelia Handberry was the first guest to play on the Plum Cottage back deck. She brought her keyboard. Next was a reheasal on the deck with Cary Samsel bringing his vintage strat (Samsel).; Jacob Badger brought in his standup bass, and this week Johnny Villalva is bringing Congas. (Mick) ) #wednesdaywisdom #mickschaferband #musician#music #singer #musicians #musiclife #musicislife#pnw #pdxmusic #jacobbadger #johnnyvillalva

To celebrate the holidays Mick is releasing a vinyl 45 with two of these tracks. This vinyl 45 will be debuted at the Cascade Blues AssociationChristmas Party on 12/9 at the East Portland Moose Lodge.

To honor the occasion, we have reassembled the recording band to perform at the CBA Christmas party. Mick, Jason JT Thomas, John Moore, and Timmer Blakely will be joined by Cary Samsel (filling in for Ken Scandlyn who is off touring the world) for a set of Mick’s original gypsy blues. Our set begins at 4:40 and I hope that we will see you there. And be sure to pick up your very limited edition 45 before they sell out. #mickschaferband#livemusic #pnw #music #pdxmusic

Finally the true story comes out. Should this make the setlist? #SingerSongwriter #NewSong #MusicBringsLife

"Preparing for the Sober Show is bringing up very personal unreleased songs that might go well on that set list. 'Anna Max' is one of them. My parents were busy working in radio and my caretaker for awhile was Auntie (Anna Cross). During a role playing session in the NVC workshop 10 years ago or so we were asked to thank someone we had never thanked and I picked out Anna. An unexpected outpouring of emotion became a song that I co-wrote with the bass player from that time, Diana Dokos. A big part of this story was the realization that because Anna Cross was lesbian that helped explain why I felt so safe with and around my lesbian friends. Anna (Max) was the first Angel (i.e. someone there when I really needed them)." (Mick)

Sean Steward from the Portland Radio Station KBOO Community Radioheard about the Mick Schafer Band Vinyl 45 release. Sean invited Mick to stop by the radio station Friday night (TONIGHT!) to talk about it on the air. The live show goes from 10 to midnight and has random guests stopping by. Marti Mendenhall from the Portland Radio Project has been invited also. #mickschaferband #kbooradio #pdxmusic #portlandradioproject #music#musicianlife #vinyl

Kathryn L. Rankin caught a high moment at the CBA Holiday party. Thank you Kathryn. #PDXMusic #CascadeBluesAssociation #MusiciansLife#mickschaferband

Happy New Year Everyone!


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