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Holiday Season and The Music Life

"Holiday season. Day Jobs. As the budget for band business is dwindling it becomes time to get the “day job.” Luckily I really enjoyed driving cab in Miami years ago so joining Lyft feels natural and wonderfully flexible for gigs, practices and other band stuff to continue.

My model citizens for good day jobs are the Colin Trio. Singer, keyboard player, Colin Hogan is such a good yoga teacher she teaches teachers. Bass player Brian Link is such a good bike mechanic that Velofix made him their first rolling bike shop mechanic. A good cover band could be considered a day job for the musicians that continue to write original material. Drummer, Matt Ramsdell plays for the Talking Heads Cover Band, Life During Wartime, as does Brian now. I’ve witnessed how a band can steadily grow and put out record after record without undo financial pressure. Thank you Colin Trio!" (Mick)

If you missed some of my social media posts this month here are a few of my favorites below.


Mick Schafer is with Marshall Lewis and 4 others at Jack's Tap Room and QB Grill.

November 3 at 5:00 AM · Portland, OR

Shawn enjoyed the coincidence of hanging out with Joe Pass' son this morning and then hanging out with musicians playing the Epiphone Joe Pass guitar in the same night.

"Rich Boy. We were lucky to have Lisa Lepine coaching the band years ago, but she was against rich kids writing blues songs. We followed a lot of her suggestions but were unable to stay away from the blues. This song Rich Boy was a response to Lisa’s position. Writing a song is filled with the unexpected, so it was bracing to watch how empty the rich boys life can be and somehow freeing to reveal it. Special thanks to Lisa for the inspiration!" (Mick)

Gorbie International delivered the goods! The 45's are here! Rich Boy can now be played on your wonderful record players

As we think of doing more house shows and private parties I got to thinking about the my favorite parties that I was involved playing live music. Lots of good ones in Europe but two stand out. One inside Ilsa's Pension in Arenas de Mar Spain on the goldcoast. The audience turned the stairway into venue seating and the solo show felt sweet. Another one in Garmish Partinkirchen Germany was a rentedwarehouse room with a big U of connected tables and a stage in the middle. Its such magic when the audience is in such rapt attention like it was that night. Good food and good music?" (Mick)

Here's what we heard this week!! Multnomah County Library is excited to inform you that your album "One Silken Scarf" has been selected to be part of the Library Music Project music collection! We believe this collection will inspire new audiences to discover a wealth of today’s local Portland music. We’re so glad your album will be part of it. - We are thrilled. Please look us up at the library if you want to hear the record, and support our local libraries!!

"My first time in a recording studio was in Europe in the 70's. Susie and I were hitch hiking out of Avignon going north and got a ride from a famous french comedian Fernand Reynaud. Mr Reynaud was a wonderful host. He took us out to a fancy cafe lunch and then drove us further to Lyon. In Lyon he takes us to his friends recording studio. Something about recording studios has always seemed sacred to me and I got a big hit of that for the first time when I played in that sound room." (Mick Schafer)

Thank you Ken Scandlyn and All who attended this Great and Fun Clinic 💥🎸🎵💥 — with Timmer Blakely, Kelly Jones, Ken Scandlyn, Paul Johnson,Marty Emhardt, Derek Lovenstein and Mick Schaferat Thunder Studios West. (photo courtesy of Andree Pothier)

The Mick Schafer Band Playing side A at Music Millennium last night!


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