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January 2021 Wrapup

Liberty Load for 2021. The song from Mick Schafer Band's 2017 "One Silken Scarf" Album is about making it through hard times and getting to the other side. Appropriate for 2021? We think so and there are some especially wonderful performances from this 2017 Rose Festival event from Jason JT Thomas on elecrtric guitar, Michael Elson on keyboards and Dave Captein on bass

A little #wednesdaywisdom from Damian Lillard, "If you're not getting inspired enough by other peoples music then make you own."

After one of the craziest weeks in history what could we use? Oh yeah and here is some sweet blues from the Mick Schafer Band video vault. Guest players include Joe Mikesh on harmonica, Malderine Birmingham on keyboards, Josh Makosky on electric guitar and vocals. This builds nicely, you gotta see this one to the end.

This is the first video for Sunset Sky with material from many good photographers: Andree Pothier (dancing at Hagg Lake and JT Thomas at Falcon Studio), Kathy Rankin (Mick and JT at the Cascade Blues Association Christmas Party 2018), Erica Mitchell (Colin Hogan playing keyboards at Laurelthirst Pub), Paula Bunion (a band shot at the Brickhouse), Mick Schafer and a few others we haven't tracked down yet. Sunset Sky was released on the 2017 Mick Schafer Band CD called One Silken Scarf.

While the Mick Schafer Band waits for safer conditions to go back in the studio, new fun work is happening in the home studio.

If there's a will there's a way. Mick isn't happy with the eight pounds he gained during this pandemic so he's getting inspired by Keb Mo to fix that.

Tom Rocks Mick. There are times in the recording process that are especially joyful. Here's a section of Sunrise Road where Tom Esch's work on the Mandocaster and the electric fiddle are extra sweet.

Parts of new songs can arrive at any time. This one hits on the drive from Portland to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A new voice in my head it is welcome, a new voice in my head it is kind. A new voice in my head is helping me, to ease this worried mind.

“Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.” – George Eliot

A little #feelgoodfriday Dedication to the Grateful Dead fans Mick and the band have gotten close to.


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