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January 2022 Wrapup

2022 is staring out AMAZING! So many changes and opportunities for my music that I am so proud of. If you missed any of my social media postings below are my favorites.

Amazing review of my new album from Blues from the South (BITS) written by Norman Darwin "The whole album is Mick’s own take on the blues, in the best traditions he has created his own style - and that is no easy task"

Tom Esch and Mick love writing new blues songs. A current inspiration is coming from Tom's Christmas present, a Resonator! For the guitar geeks, its a Gretsch box car.

Episode 2 on the Resonator inspired new song. Could it be Mississippi Mud? Hear the Resonator and some possible lyrics.

Thank you Joost van Steen for playing "If I Win Blues" on all your Jazz and Blues Tour radio shows this week, playlist shot:

This content makes for a catchy EPK. Chrissy Valentine from NW Performers shot good video at the Mick Schafer Band CD release party on October 3rd at the Garages. This MSB post has highlights from her full coverage video that is available on the NW Performers YouTube channel:

Moving up the Blues chart. Last week 27. This week 24.

Also congratulations to Sugar Root, another LIAB band climbing fast at #26 and #27!


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