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January Recap with the Mick Schafer Band

Some high points of January 2020. We will be traveling around the country playing some gigs, we did a private show at Neyborly in downtown Portland which was amazing, and our show at Clark's Bistro. It was a great month!


If you missed any of my social media posts here are some of my favorites from January below.

The Mick Schafer Band is wishing everyone the best possible 2020! And announcing the beginning of playing nationally. We're starting our availability in the Midwest and Florida areas and then we'll be back to the Pacific Northwest for August 2020 (We're already booked for a Seaside show August 26th, 2020)

Surprise visit at Clark's this last weekend from Glenn Smith, harmonica player from Got Yer 6 ( ) making a comeback after a very near death motorcycle accident. He's back!

Friday Music. This month is a Saturday night show at Clark's Bistro and Pub instead of the normal 4th Friday. Come join us for a ride to the Sea.

#mondaymusic, We'd like to dedicate this Mick Schafer Band song, "Enough" to Martin Luther King today. "You remind me, dig up that Love."

Friday Music. Fun private show at the new Neyborly venue ( in downtown Portland. We were lucky to have the guitar hero Doug Rowell Doug Rowell's Flying Guitar Circus sit in with us.

It's time to start traveling nationally. How do we carry a PA System to Florida for a private party? The Roland Street Cube can handle this room and it fits a suitcase!

Gigs are a team sport. See how Mick looks to Timmer Blakely (the excellent bass player) for timing on the chorus section played by Justus Reece. Clark's Bistro and Pub

"When you don't have a piano available use a Fiddle." Anonymous. Since we didn't have a keyboard player, Tom Esch went amazing on the available solo from the Mick Schafer Band song "Baby."

Friday Music. We're dedicating this song to all those with New Years Resolutions. When we carry our Liberty Load, we will be sun kissed!


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