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January Wrap Up from The Mick Schafer Band

WOW this month has been so enlightening on how to use social media if you are a musician. Between Petite Taway and Lupin Communications I know I am in good hands with my social media plan for the year! Someone told me many years ago when I entered into the music business to make sure to , "Build a strong team who has got your back!" and I was lucky enough to do that.

What I learned this month in a nutshell:

Create a social media plan, with great relevant content, along with perfect photo sizes and video length specific to each platform. Also, know the correct way on the different platforms to tag and hashtag your postings to grow your network. And finally work with professionals who stay on top of trends because I am now focused on becoming a better musician and trends change every week! Wow right.

So this month really helped me understand the bigger picture as to how the power of social media can enhance my business and I am looking forward to learning more with my team.

Below are a few of my January social posts that are my favorite!


We didn't get Tom Esch in this shot but rest assured this is his fiddle! Thank you Veronica Porras for this invitation to the Sober Show. Thank you Christopher Boatright for hosting and getting the video. #PDXMusic#LIveMusic #MusicBringsLife

This month the Mick Schafer Band has committed to improving its social media. Deborah Newman, owner of Petite Taway Inc is training us and had some great suggestions already. Mick loves to video musicians he's played with so a weekly focus will continue on that. More training on better tagging is coming soon. Standby.

The Mick Schafer Band is always looking to learn about how to make social media better. Learning about photo sizing this week with Petite Taway Inc

Doug Cody, of Portland Event Photography, said that the word photography comes from Greek roots meaning drawing with light. Mastering camera lighting is really important for the professional. Doug reminded us of the day he photographed at Sonic Studios (Mick Schafer Band’s One Silken Scarf recording) and he employed an off camera light (strobe) for better contrast. For the amateur practicing with a strobe on a stand to augment natural lighting will improve pictures. (Shout out to Leah Hay for her gift light we have used multiple times). Also Doug will teach light use if you contact him at

On Our Continuing Path this month of Learning Social Media Strategies from Petite Taway Inc, I wanted to share the list of our checklist for the year for video production ideas. We are all about encouraging pdx musicians.

Continuing our Learning Journey with Petite Taway Inc, today its about Video Length from the Mick Schafer Band.

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.” -Robert Rose Content is key on social media for musicians. How do you get fans to engage with you? Follow You? Like Your Posts? Content Marketing! This week we are working with Petite Taway Inc and Lupin Communications on creating our yearly content marketing plan.

Tag You’re It! Learning This Week from Petite Taway Inc about social media tags which allows The Mick Schafer Band to engage directly with a person, a peer, or a business when I tag them in a post or comment. The desired outcome is reciprocal tagging and social media growth!


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