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July Wrap from The Mick Schafer Band

July was an amazing month learning from Bookers what they look for when booking musicial acts. We are always trying to learn how to be better musicians and professionals.

If you missed any of our social media posts in July here are some of our favorites below.


Just for fun today a Blooper! A moment of interview comedy as Mick attempts to introduce Emily.

Monday Music. Bookers look for good audience engagement. How can that be improved?

Friday Music. Becky Johnson from Becky Stroebel-Johnson. Talked to Becky Johnson from Sterling Talent for 30 minutes last week and she does book new original acts that meet her requirements.

Tip from Becky: make a good video (not too expensive, just a good gig) that shows off the sound, the look and the audience engagement. This will go a long way introducing a new band.

Musts for Becky? Performance wise: solid musicianship, strong vocals, good stage presence and engagement with the audience. Business wise: strong media presence (good following) including a good website and “business like” communication (prompt returns with emails, texts and calls). #mickschaferband #pdxmusic

Nice video production by Jack Aronson from last nights show at Prosperity Pie Shoppe

Becky Johnson at Sterling Talent said that only 1 in 15 bands that contact her for bookings have good professional social media and websites. If you're curious what a good professional web site looks like check out Petite Taway Inc. who created my website.

Wednesday Wisdom. "You want to share what you value with others, because that is simply the nature of the creature we are." from Psychology Today article written by Steven C Hayes PHD. 10 Signs You Know What Matters.

Gratitude to Andree Pothier for the pics and company! With Justus Reece, Mick Schafer, Stephen Weinstein and Tom Esch at Clark's Bistro and Pub.

The Mick Schafer Band at OHSU Farmers Market performing a Tom Petty Cover. recorded by Cindy Happel. Oregon Musician Mick Schafer's work has been compared to a mash up of Los Lobos, Lyle Lovett, and Elvis Costello with a gravelly soulful voice all his own.


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