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June 2021 Wrapup

A little #wednesdaywisdom from Al Jarreau, "You have to make a decided effort to not get seduced by the blues." Too Late for Me!

The blues are being played.

#mondaymusic from Mick and Tom who put together a Tiny Desk Concert Submission. We love this program at NPR Music

A little #wednesdaywisom from Albert Collins, "Simple music is the hardest music to play and blues is simple music."

Here’s the office where Mick is learning the new guitar parts written during the recent recording sessions of the new blues album. It’s nice at the office.

Working on the new rhythm groove for If I Win Blues.

A little #wednesdaywisdom from Joe Bonamassa

"That's the thing about the blues: It's one thing to hit a note on the guitar. To make it matter is something else altogether."

First visit to a blues friendly bar was Mamies Milwaukee (pronounced May mes). The owners are open to host MSB when it's midwest version of the band is ready.

The most "Portland" place I found is Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall, an historic polka beer hall that also features blues, rockabilly and surf rock. The big TV was playing Charlie Chaplin movies.

A little #wednesdaywisdom from Jack White

That music made me discard everything else and just get down to the soul and honesty of the blues."

The day Mick and Tom put a submission together for the Tiny Desk Concert (Over in the Corner) they also serenaded the neighborhood with Husband Blues. On a walk the next day multiple neighbors came out to express gratitude for the live music.

A litte #wednesdaywisdom from Johnny Winter

"I think the blues will always be around. People need it."


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