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Learning with The Mick Schafer Band

The Mick Schafer Band is committed to getting better and better. The One Silken Scarf Album produced by Bob Stark in 2017 shows us what we’re capable of. We are motivated to focus on a different area of improvement each month in 2019 and here’s what we’re up to this month:

Smarter Social Media Marketing (we’re all in training from Deborah Newman (owner Petite Taway), the Mick Schafer Band WebMaster and Social Media Maven.

Then in February Mick is going to fine tune his vocal chops (Here comes Tom Blaylock, Renowned ‘Singing Voice Specialist’)

In March We’re Going to Explore Songwriting (From technical stuff like better use of bridges, to how to write the best song of your life. We’ll be talking to some experts!)

In April we’re taking on local booking for the summer and fall. (We’ll tell you who we’re talking to at the clubs and what they’re telling us.)

May is the time to spruce up the show. (What to say between songs, sound management without a sound man, marketing at shows, working with the band on stage, set list selection, interacting with the crowd and venue management and more!)

In June we’re going to learn how to play better guitar from folks like JT Thomas and John Bunzow. You aren’t going to want to miss this!!

July we’ll talk about synch licensing with our local experts. Get ready to learn how to pitch your songs to tv shows, commercials or movies. We can’t wait for July!!

August - playing outdoors in all kinds of conditions. Be ready for anything - and we have stories!

September - fall is the time for booking larger festivals and tour dates for the following year. How the heck do you do that?

October - preparing for holiday product there’s a thought!

November - let’s look at our websites!

December - how did we do? A year in review in the music industry including a budget for next year!


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