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Liberty Load

Years ago, in an energy session with Dr. Lorelynn Cardo, after I was sufficiently disarmed and after I was thinking we were done and as Lorelynn was walking away, she turns around and asks me “What is it you want?” With me caught off guard she hit something deep, I get very emotional and out of my mouth comes “I want to perform the music again.” Some new? No. Something renewed? Yes. The forces of the Universe had realigned to wake up a scarlet passion.

Liberty Load is a song about the clarity of that renewal. It isn’t going to be easy but it will be worth the daunting effort.

In these difficult times we need our commitment to the sacred humanity inside us. It can feel impossible, but we know it’s worth it. Liberty Load brothers and sisters. We can make it to the other side.

Tree Top Tribe plays Goodfoot, July 15, 2013 Joe Howard - Drummer Colin Hogan - Keyboards Brian Link - Bass Tom Esch - Mandocaster Mick Schafer - Guitar and Vocal


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