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Loved Ones

My parents are gone but the musicians around me feel like family and they help celebrate this longing for closeness expressed in the song “Baby.” Everything Bob Stark did with this song in the studio deepened and expanded this vision and feeling. The full horn section of John Nastos, David Evans , Thomas H Barber and John Moak; the deep groove of the rhythm section of Dave Captein, Michael Elson and Jeramy Burchett

On this Thanksgiving weekend, not everyone we love can be with us, but we can remember them as we enjoy the company of our friends and family.

The Colin Trio will open the show at 9 with the Mick Schafer Band coming on at 10. The extraordinary trumpet player, John Dover, will be back with us. He brought the house down the last time we had him at The Brick House. Amazing new guests will be Nicole McCabe on Sax and Eric Ching on drums. Plus don’t forget Jesse Samsel electric guitar and the spirited fiddle of Tom Esch.

We all look forward to seeing you there if you can make it out. And if you can’t, have a listen to Baby right here, and you’ll be with us.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone – From Our Family to Yours


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