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March 2020 Wrapup from Mick Schafer

We didn't know that our last gig together, for awhile, was the February Clark's show but it's inspiring videos produced half of March's posts.

In case you missed any of my March Social Media posts here are my favorites below.


Husband Blues was written in the Clark's Bistro and Pub neighborhood so it was fitting to play it with enthusiasm. Check out Justus Reece's guitar solo!

Everyone needs to find that happy place in a world so crazy sometimes... #mickschaferband #fridayfunday #happyplace #musician

Audrey Muller showed up at Clark's Bistro and Pub last Friday and reminded Mick of a song from earlier days.

Goodbye for now PDX from Mick Schafer

Mick is inspired driving through mountains in Idaho hearing Leonard Cohen's lyric "Love is the only engine of survival"

It has been a very challenging week and I’m so grateful to Rae Gordon Rae Gordon Band for her album “Better than I Was.” That song lifted me just when I needed it the most.

Hello from Montana, truckin through and starting a song.

March 2020 Prayer for John Prine from Mick Schafer

"I keep thinking, there's not gonna be enough, but you remind me, dig up some love" From the One Silken Scarf CD song Enough. Straight from the new place in Wisconsin.

Friday Music. A challenging trip needs traveling music. Thank you Penske for the great truck and trailer that we used two weeks ago before the lockdowns.


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