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March Wrap Up on Songwriting

Wow March went by too fast! We learned so much about songwriting and hope to continue learning every single day. Music is my life and I hope to inspire others on my quest to be better!

If you missed any of my social media posts this month here are some of my favorites below!


A peek at Smoky Hearth last night! #LiveMusic #MusicBringsLife#PDXMusic

Mick Schafer Band “creates a good energy,” says Jack Allen

Welcome to March's Theme "Better Songwriting" This month our posts will be about our learning strategies to be a better songwriter!

Trial by Fire. Songwriters test of a new song is best done with an audience. Here's a video showing part of She Picked the Cat getting tested at the Hideaway Cafe St. Petersburg, FL with its new bridge.

This month's focus is on songwriting so here's an example of a newly written song, Who Do I Believe, where the added bridge made a big difference.

Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, ideally done first thing in the morning. Julia Cameron ’s Morning Pages rock. No book has helped more people free their up creative selves than her "Artist Way". This month I return to morning pages.

Wednesday Wisdom. The Cup. Julia Cameron talks about the emotional focus in "Vein of Gold."

Friday Music. It's inspiring to hear other songwriters talk about their process. Colin Hogan of The Colin Trio is drawing larger and larger crowds to her original work and we caught her for an interview at Donnie Vegas in Portland Oregon this week.

Continuing on our songwriting theme, Mick Schafer interviews Brian Link at Donnie Vegas in Portland Oregon, who talks about how he assists Colin Hogan The Colin Trio develop her songs and why they test them at performances.

Mick was stuck home sick and found songwriting inspiration from Movie Trailers on Rotten Tomatoes.


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