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May 2020 Wrapup

In case you missed any of my May social media posts here are some of my favorites below.


Thanks for plays everyone! An thank you CD Baby for collecting from Spotify, Apple/I Tunes and You Tube Music.

Mick Schafer performing a bit of "Anything Real 2020"

'Hold Me Tight" ending performed by Mick Schafer

"A lot is going on in the inner life of a human being. Amazing stuff..." Mick Schafer talking about some unpublished work.

The book Breaking Free by Pia Melody helps shed light on co-dependence. From her clarity, key observations are passionaltely displayed in the song "Anything Real" that we posted on YouTube last week.

#mondaymusic from Mick Schafer

6 foot party in the back yard. Thank you Kevin Schultz from the RustBelt band for your sweet keyboard play (listen to his finish at the end of the YouTube video, its tastety)

Making the best out of a bad situation!

Here's Hold Me Tight performed by Mick Schafer


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