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Mick Schafer Band

It’s June so it’s been either sunny and warm, or rain going sideways in a muggy, cold air. Weird. Even for Portland. And we here at the Mick Schafer band are braving the elements, and the Portland traffic to go out to listen to and play live music!

And what a week!! Mick got to play at the People’s Co-op Farmer’s market, and pick up some new fans and some farm fresh produce! What a Portland combo. Then the Mick Schafer Band closed the night after the Colin Trio entertained the folks who came out to the Brickhouse in Vancouver. We all had some fun. And dancing was definitely going on.

If you want to see us again, or come hear us for the first time, you might want to mark your calendars for next week’s shows: Catfish Lou’s in Portland on Thursday, June 14, and 503 Uncorked on Saturday June 15 in Sherwood. We’d love to see you there!

And one more little thing. If you haven’t already, be sure to go to our website and join us by email. You’ll get this great blog once a week, and early info on shows and points of interest about our regional music community. We love it here!!

But wait, there’s more! (Couldn’t help myself...), if you sign up for our email in the month of June, we’ll send you a song from One Silken Scarf for free!!

Here’re are the links you’ll need, and you can have us on your phone anytime you want:

To pick the song:

To sign up for email (remember to tell us the song you want in the message section!):

Thanks for supporting LIVE MUSIC! Have a great week out there!


Past Week Roundup

Good Monday friends of the Mick Schafer Band!!! To celebrate the beginning of the week, we'd like to invite you to have a listen to some cuts from our record, One Silken Scarf.

Right here: sign up for our email on the website, and let us know which one you like!! When you do that, we'll send you the song for free!! We want our music out there in the world, and you can help us. Have a listen! Thanks.

This is our town! See us this week at People's Food Co-op Farmer's Market Weds June 5 at 5:30, and grab some local produce and food goods and crafts while you're there! Then we're in Vancouver,Washington this Friday at the Brickhouse Bar & Grill!! Join us at 9PM with the The Colin Trio opening!! You won''t want to miss this night!!

"Finally a book that covers the ABCs of music marketing in the new frontier of the recorded music industry. Mike King's book (different Mike King from the amazing poster artist who did the artwork on our record!) should be required reading for every musician. It gives a concise understanding of marketing your music at any level." —Terry Currier, President of Music Millennium, Burnside Records, and Burnside Distribution; Board Member of CIMS

#WednesdayWisdom #MikeKing #MusicMarketing #TerryCurrier #MusicMillenium

Mick and his brother Rob…this whole thing started young!! Practicing for his future self performing at the Brickhouse Bar & Grill tomorrow night!!

Join Mick and piano player, Colin Hogan from The Colin Trio

Join the Mick Schafer Band at the Brickhouse Bar & Grill​ in Vancouver tonight with the The Colin Trio opening at 9pm! And please take a minute to hear Ryan Reed, Brickhouse bartender, music producer, musician, radio host on and CEO of HAFClan Entertainment​ letting us know about live music scene in Vancouver and the show tonight.


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