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Mick Schafer Band and New Portland Venues

WE love introducing you to new venues which allow talented musicians to perform. We are excited about the possibilities! Also One Silken Scarf is still In the top 10 on Reverb Nation!

If you missed this weeks social media posts here they are below!


The new Diversity Cafe soft opening in Forest Grove earlier this month. It's now one of the biggest, fanciest clubs on the West Side of the Portland area. A partner of Diversity Cafe and Catering. Performing opening night, Strawberry Roan with Catherine Loyer.

Sweet story: Owners, brother and sister, Eric LaFave and Eva LaFave show gratitude to mother Marlene by imbedding silver dollars in the bar to honor Marlene's many years at the Silver Dollar in Idaho.

"This world offers me more wonders than I can imagine." Mick Schafer

In the top 10 on Reverb Nation! Go Mick Schafer, from Team Mick.

Music Video for One Silken Scarf by Mick Schafer Band, from One Silken Scarf. Directed by Cypress Jones, filmed in Sonic Studio.


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