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Mick Schafer Band and One Silken Scarf

One Silken Scarf, the title song of the Mick Schafer Band's most recent contribution reflects everything we stand for. Connection. Soul. Truth. Power of healing. Like music. Deep thanks to everyone who supports live and original music!! Happy Father's Day from the Mick Schafer Band!

Here is our Social Media Week Recap Below


Good Monday friends of the Mick Schafer Band!!! We've extended the invitation for you to have a listen to some cuts from our record, One Silken Scarf. Right here: Then sign up for our email on the website, and let us know which song you like!! When you do that, we'll send you the song for free!! This week, we'll throw in One Silken Scarf - the song. 2 songs! And if you already registered, let us know, and we'll send you One Silken Scarf too! Watch for the story of One Silken Scarf later this week. And mostly thanks for supporting original and live music! #MondayMusic #OneSilkenScarf #BobStark#MickSchaferBand #PDXMusic

This is our town! See us this week at Catfish Lou's Thurs June 14 at 8:00. Then we're in Sherwood at 503 Uncorked this coming Saturday!! Join us at 8PM. We look forward to seeing all our friends!!

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Can an inanimate object actually carry energy? Mick witnessed something his mind couldn’t explain. A woman, ill with cancer, who hadn't slept through the night for 5 months slept deep and sweet wrapped in a silken scarf brought to her across the miles from her friends. Why do we underestimate this force of people’s caring? One Silken Scarf showed us the power.

One Silken Scarf was inspired by a life or death, and all about love kind of situation. Carrying a silk scarf across the miles to a dying friend. The night she got the scarf, she wore it to bed and had the first full night sleep in a long time! Grandma planted some early inspiration that maybe there was more than meets the eye...(Grandma introduces Mick to the Bible)

Join the Mick Schafer Band at 503 Uncorked in Sherwood tomorrow night at 8pm with Paul Paresa and Jacob Badger

Mick and Christine Wilde, manager at 503 Uncorked, getting ready for the Mick Schafer Band show in Sherwood tonight. Join us!


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