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Mick Schafer Band and Second Week of August Recap

Wow this past week has been filled with music, fun and a some sadness. Sadly we lost the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, but I really really hope a new generation of fans will now listen to music that moves the soul! in case you missed my social media posts this last week, here they are.

We have some fun at the Brickhouse Bar & Grill! Great venue. Great food. Great folks.

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"When words fail music speaks." Irena Huang

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Thank you Andree Pothier for catching this!

Mick busking to advertise last nights show Clark's Bistro and Pub

"Earlier this month, the Guitar Flying Circus at Trails End Saloon grabbed me and didn't let go! It's enough that Doug and Jesse are excellent guitar players but the honesty and continuity of their high school connection definitely showed up! What a show. What I experienced I couldn't capture with the camera but I caught the landing of one song with Jesse and his tasty downshifted ending. Also Timmer Blakely, Jimi Bott and Doug Rowell did a wonderful verison of Sissy Stut." Mick #FundayFriday #MickSchaferBand #MusicianLife #DougRowell#TimmerBlakely #JimiBott

#JesseSampson https://youtu.be/RAdjnxGm1h0

Clark's Bistro and Pub unveiled a new feature last night for Third Thursdays called Happy Hour with Mick, actually both hours from 8 to 10 will be happy. Check out the happy hour menu ya'll. See ya in September! Photos by Andree Pothier

The second episode of #TheVibe can now be heard on Soundcloud!! Huge thank you to Mick Schafer for joining me on a great episode! Be sure to follow The Vibe on Soundcloud and share with your friends. Lets spread local music and #LetsVibe

Click Here to Listen!

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