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Mick Schafer Band Highlights Music Inspiration Karen Lovely

Karen Lovely highlights our 3rd week of May, celebrating Cascade Blues Association’s Journey to Memphis this coming weekend at the Mekong Bistro. Come check out all the bands. Mick Schafer Band is on Sunday at 5:05pm.

Portland’s own Karen Lovely!! An inspiration to us all. (photo courtesy of www.karenlovely.com/)

#MyTownTuesday #MickSchaferBand #KarenLovely #CascadeBluesAssociation #JourneytoMemphis

Karen Lovely - Feeling the bad “This Blues ain't nothing but a good man feeling bad.” (photo courtesy of www.karenlovely.com/) #MickSchaferBand #KarenLovely #CascadeBluesAssociation #JourneytoMemphis #WednesdayWisdom

Inspiration for Us, Karen Lovely - Don't Go No Further - Live at Britt Festival Jacksonville, OR #MickSchaferBand #KarenLovely #CascadeBluesAssociation #JourneytoMemphis #throwbackthursday

Upcoming Gig Mick Schafer Band at Brickhouse Bar & Grill June 8th, Vancouver, WA #FundayFriday #MickSchaferBand #PDXMusic #Blues #JourneytoMemphis

Mick Schafer plays his artist of the week’s, Still the Rain by outstanding blues musician, Karen Lovely

“For each one of my albums, I write songs that specifically deal with social issues like homelessness, domestic violence, addiction, mental illness, and suicide. I am trying to not just raise awareness, but to also provide avenues for people to get help and to learn to recognize when people do in fact need help. I see homelessness in a different way due to my experiences. As an artist, I am blessed to have a platform to reach people, to help build a world of zero tolerance, to offset some of the darkness out there”

Karen represented Portland in the Journey to Memphis in 2010. Her career has since taken off! Be sure to make it out to Mekong Delta today and tomorrow!! Some of the best of Portland’s Blues will be showcased. Mick’s set is 5:05 on Sunday!!

#journeytomemphis #karenlovely

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