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Mick Schafer Band Highlights Musical Inspiration Rae Gordon

This week we’re highlighting Portland’s own Rae Gordon who took 3rd Place last year in the International Blues Challenge, as we head into the Journey to Memphis, Cascade Blues Association.

Portland is our town! And the Mick Schafer Band is on the Journey to Memphis following local icons, Rae Gordon Band. This photo by Debra Penk below is Rae sitting in with the Walter Trout Band. Join us at the Cascade Blues Association Competition, at the Mekong Bistro May 20 - 4:30pm (note time change). #MyTownTuesday #MickSchaferBand #RaeGordon#CascadeBluesAssociation #PDXMusic #Blues

Rae Gordon's in the wild section of Vinyl Tap Bar And Grill before she jumps on stage and lifts the roof.

"The amazing thing about the whole IBC experience is the friendships and networking that happens and the people behind you at home, cheering you on. It's not only for you, but it's for them. For those diehard blues lovers, that see you in their neighborhood tavern. They are with you in spirit and they are on the big stage with you in your heart. It's about community and family and if you do it right, you will have friends you have met and will have for the rest of your life. It's also about a culture of creativity and kindness. It's drilled into the competitors that you are expected to help bands get ready after you, but not only working hard to make way for them after your set, but helping them load up. There are stories about people breaking guitar strings and other guitarists handing their prized guitars for the competing band to play. The biggest lesson about being a part of not only the IBC, but even the local Journey to Memphis contest, is that not only is everybody is a winner, but it's about being unique that to truly win, in music and life, that you don't have to take 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, you have to be yourself. Good luck, Mick!!" Rae Gordon photo credit Jim Dorothy

The Mick Schafer Band Wants to Express our Gratitude to Rae Gordon Band and her support of us in The Journey to Memphis Competition.

Two Great Weekend Gigs May 12th Diversity Cafe & Catering 7pm-10pm 2104 Main Street, Forest Grove, OR

Rae Gordon Band at the Gemini Bar & Grill May 11th 9pm - Midnight 456 N State St, Lake Oswego, OR

Mick Schafer Band's Musical Inspiration Rae Gordon outside Music Millennium is an independent record store located in Portland, Oregon.


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