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Mick Schafer Band Recap Of Journey To Memphis Month

We here at the Mick Schafer Band hope your long weekend is going great as we celebrate the fine men and women who lost their lives fighting for our freedoms.

In this last week of May, we are finishing up our Journey to Memphis month with the musicians going forward to the Waterfront Blues Festival in the second round of competition to win a slot at the International Blues Challenge in (you guessed it!) Memphis! Stay connected with us for more information for the July 4 second round of the Journey.

We’ve already had a great look at the inimitable Rae Gordon, and we’ll be highlighting the rest of them over the next few days.

Watch for Ben Rice who will be competing with Rae in the Solo/Duo category.

The Fenix Project will take on Johnny Wheels and the Swamp Donkeys. Then we will have a closer look at the Waterfront Blues Festival!

Wrapping up the week, look forward to more on the Mick Schafer band in June!

Let’s all go out and hear live music!!


Mick Schafer Band Recap of The 2018 Cascade Blues Association Journey To Memphis Competition. #MondayMusic #MickSchaferBand #JourneytoMemphis

The Mick Schafer Band competed in the The 2018 Cascade Blues Association Journey To Memphis Competition on Sunday. Winners from Portland includes Rae Gordon/Kivett Bednar Duo and the Fenix Band - Congratulations! On their way to the Portland Blues Festival for the next round! #MyTownTuesday #MickSchaferBand #JourneytoMemphis

Awwww...we're sad we missed the cut for the next step on the Journey to Memphis. Congratulations to the winners and everyone who played!. At Mekong Bistro. We had a blast and will be back next year! See you at the Waterfront Blues Festival for the finals of the competition!

Mick and Cindy enjoy Chris Isaak at last years Waterfront Blues Festival. We’ll see you there this year at the finals for Journey to Memphis. July 4th! #ThrowbackThursday #MickSchaferBand #JourneytoMemphis

We’re going to go out to hear music this weekend at Catfish Lou's! Hope to see you there! Jason JT Thomas Michael Osborn #mickschaferband#fundayfriday

Great night at Catfish Lou's with Jason JT Thomas. #SelfieSaturday#MickSchaferBand #PDXMusic


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