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November 2020 Wrapup

“A song can infiltrate your heart and the heart may change your mind.” Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.This pandemic sucks but trying to stay positive and share some joy with my social media posts. In case you missed any here are some of my favorites.

Here's a song written by friend DA Wiley inspired by her love for the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. If you close your eyes can you it?

“it’s up to to you to perfect that gift that you’ve been given. put your spirit into that song. focus on the words that you are singing. Get into the experience that you are singing about and sing your heart out” Stevie Wonder

Mick, working on a new song inspired by a near romantic breakup at home and by a near social breakup in this country.

MSB is looking forward to the time we can gig indoors again like this fun moment at Clark's Bistro and Pub

Sometimes you just gotta get outside and get some fresh air!

Mick and Cindy are having some fun in the attic with a sad song that makes them laugh. Thank you to Cindy Happel for the video and backup vocal.

Mick visits the site of Milwaukee Wisconsin's biggest music festival, Summerfest with hopes for its return.

How about a mask jingle? A Public Service Announcement from Mick Schafer.

Mick and Tom Esch are working together to put out a new song video of Sunrise Road which is a co write of theirs.

Lots of fun playing for long standing Ridgewood Coffee Company's open mic (virtual, at the moment) on the east coast.

“A song can infiltrate your heart and the heart may change your mind.” Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Mick and Tom Esch are having big fun working on new tracks of Sunrise Road.

Hal Ketchum passed away last week & Mick Schafer would like to remember him with his song, I Know Where Love Lives

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