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November 2021 Wrapup

Midwest Record Review

MICK SCHAFER BAND/Back to the Blues: A sinister sounding white boy with the blues brings Portland's version of the blues to the world in fine style. Recorded with a sweaty, four on the floor feel, this cat that's been in and out of music for years knows it's too late to stop now and better not come with anything but his best. It's like he never dropped out of college leaving the coffeehouse behind, except that he got better as he got older. If you can't feel the blue lights in the basement and the ciggy smoke, get your nerve endings checked.

A little Wednesday Wisdom from Buddy Guy, "They wanted pure blues when there ain't such a thing. Blues always been a gumbo where you throw everything in the pot"

US airplay is happening for the Mick Schafer Band. Here's an example from Tuesday from KKFI Kansas City.

Amazing review from is one of the biggest Blues- and Roots websites from Belgium & The Netherlands!

"In the quiet opener “Over in the Corner” you immediately notice Mick Schafer’s special, somewhat dirty voice, which is also an important asset in other songs such as “If I Win Blues,” which ties in well with the rest of the album and is very atmospheric.

On “Virgin Mary” the guitars lead the dance (Ken “Willie Scandlyn and Jason JT Thomas). The shuffle of drummer Jimi Bott next to Tom Esch’s droopy violin set the mood in “Rainbow.”

Already because of the title, the uptempo cowboy blues “Husband Blues” stands out, while on “Astara,” after the bass intro by Timmer Blakely, Mick Schafer takes over masterfully.

Wake up from your comfort zone on sultry “She Woke Up,” swing to “Don’t Wanna B Judged” and then help close the doors after “Rich Boy,” because this is the closing that will definitely leave you thinking for a while. It holds a grip.

Mick Schafer is certainly unknown to many, but not for long. Discover his masterful singing and songwriter qualities on ‘Back to the Blues.'"

Great review fresh from a popular Blues website in the Netherlands called BluesNRoots Corner. In short, 'Back To The Blues' can be characterized as an extremely relaxed and atmospheric blues album, on which you can definitely hear Mick Schafer's roots background.

full review:

So much fun getting interviewed by Richard L'Hommedieu owner at the independent music magazine MAKING A SCENE! THE #1 RESOURCE FOR THE INDEPENDENT ARTIST AND THE FANS THAT LOVE THEM! Will be out soon, stay tuned.

Here is another review for BACK TO THE BLUES The Mick Schafer Band (Lightning In A Bottle Records) from The Rock Doctor, John Kereiff Gonzo Okanagan

November 22, 2021


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