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October 2021 Wrapup

October was a month of music. Here are some of my favorite social media posts if you missed them.

Mick playing in a Jackson Hole, Wyoming Hootenanny

Monday Music. The MSB's label, RSA Records has 3 members at last Wednesdays Jam at the Garages. Here's a slice of Over in the Corner.

A little #wednesdaywisdom from Mahalia Jackson,

"When you are through with the blues, you've got nothing to rest on."

Mick Schafer led an explosive blues performance at the Brickhouse Bar & Grill in Vancouver Thu night. Be sure to see this guy live while he's in town. You'll be blown away!

Mick is promoting his new record, "Back To The Blues". It's available on CD/vinyl/digital download from Lightning in a Bottle records:

Photo credit: Chris Matthews

Grateful for the Cascade Blues Association and its member Jamey Winchester for putting me up for the last two weeks. This generosity made a lot possible: two successful CD/Vinyl release parties with Lightning in a Bottle records a chance to play and sell CD's at the monthly CBA meeting/party, 3 different blues jams (Garages, CI's, Blue Diamond and an Amp session with the Amp Master Conrad Sundholm. Epic? Yes.

A little #wednesdaywisdom from Bruce Springsteen, "Some of the greatest blues music is some of the darkest music you ever heard."

Gratitude to friend Glenn Smith for the Punching Air pic we've used so much in our posters and album cover. Here he is at the Diversity club where the picture was taken on a different night.

We are thrilled to jump into Du Blues. Hello France


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