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Ringing in the Summer with The Mick Schafer Band

The Journey to Memphis first round in May moves to the second round in July at the Waterfront Blues Festival. As we follow the winners of the first round, Rae Gordon, Ben Rice, The Fenix Project and Johnny Wheels and the Swamp Donkeys, we will pick back up again before the final round on the 4th of July! And then on to the finals at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, January of 2019. We'll be watching , and cheering them all on!

In the mean time, we're looking forward to ringing in the summer in June! With the Brickhouse Show on Friday June 8 next on the schedule!! More about that coming up...

Check out our recap from last week below.


As we remember our warriors lost, we highlight this song from Journey to Memphis finalist, Ben Rice "Don't Worry Mama". Ben wrote this song in homage to returning US war veterans. If Ben makes it past Rae Gordon at the Waterfront Blues Festival on July 4, it will be his third trip to Memphis. On his second consecutive trip to the International Blues Challenge in 2015, he made the finals in the solo/duo category. Where he was awarded the St. Blues Guitarist award for best guitarist. Best of luck this year, Ben!! You can see him play this week at Catfish Lou's in Portland on Tuesday and Voodoo Martini in Newberg on Wednesday.

The Fenix Project, led by Fenix Sanders is heading to the Waterfront Blues Festival for the second round of Journey to Memphis on July 4.

Waterfront Blues Festival hosts the finals for the Journey to Memphis on July 4. As we highlight the winners of the first round this week, the Mick Schafer Band is reflecting on how proud we are to be in such amazing company, and at the same time, knowing although we made it to the competition (and that's a big deal!), we will have to wait until next year to compete again. We know we'll make it! Because we never, never give up! Wishing all the winners all the best. They're showing us how to do it, because they never, never gave up!!

It was just a couple of weeks ago the Mick Schafer Band was competing with Johnny Wheels and the Swamp Donkeys. On a fun weekend at Mekong Bistro!

It's June! And the Mick Schafer Band is playing around town!! Next up is June 8 at the Brickhouse Bar & Grill Vancouver. We look forward to seeing you there!! Mick Schafer Band Brickhouse Bar and Grill, Vancouver, WA June 8 9pm-midnight. Join Us!!

Putting up posters at Brickhouse Bar & Grill in Vancouver! Join us, next Friday, June 8, 9pm-midnight.


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