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Running in a Pack

It’s so much fun to run in a pack. Especially when it’s a pack of conscious, talented and motivated musicians, artists and business people. What would it be like to create your own record company?

I’m watching Sally Custer do just that. We met at Peet’s last year on Broadway and she pulled out a piece of paper that had all kinds of notes and arrows all over it. This is 4D she said. A project that supports local musicians.

Now 9 months later here we are with a new album in hand, a product of amazing collaboration.

A week in the Sonic Studio with Bob Stark producing (other credits: Esperanza Spalding and Everclear), Dean Baskerville engineering (other credits: Sheryl Crow and Pink Martini) and Dave Captein, bassing (Oregon Hall of Fame).

See these guys on Cypress Jones interview video below:

More collaborators: the elite, sought after, horn section of John Nastos, Thomas Barber, David Evans and John Moak.

Also, Amazing musicians from different genres melded. JT Thomas on guitar (Blues and Country), Michael Elson on Keyboards (R&B and Funk) and Jeramy Burchett on drums (Pop).

Even Kyleen King (Swansea) joined us to saw home the Album title song One Silken Scarf on her fiddle. See Kyleen help create the One Silken Scarf story.

This pack is big so more contributions will be celebrated soon.


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