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Second Week of July Recap with The Mick Schafer Band

It was a cool week! In case you missed out on our social media postings for the week, they are below!


Fun with friend Dale Payne at the Brickhouse Bar & Grill. NIce drum work here by Stephen Weinstein and is that Ryan Youngman catching us from the good seats? He was sitting with Michael Parsons from Trap Door Brewing.

Mick's got a great lineup! John Dover on Trumpet, Josh Makoski on electric guitar, Colin Hogan (after she opens the show with her Trio) on keyboards, Brian Link on bass and Stephen B on drums. #MusicMonday #MickSchaferBand #ColinTrio

Peace. Love. Profit. Wisdom from Music Millennium

#WednesdayWisdom #MickSchaferBand#MusicMillenium

“I really like (Mick’s) music. It’s very personal and very soulful. I like his lyrics too. It’s…spacious, even though it’s hard driving. He leaves a lot of space in his lyrics, so there’s room for (the music) to breathe. And let us (the musicians) just groove. I like his sense of timing…and really enjoy his approach, and the truthful sincerity in his music. I got goose bumps a bunch of times (recording the record with Mick).” Dave Captein, One Silken Scarf Bass Player

#ThrowbackThursday #MickSchaferBand #DaveCaptein

The Mick Schafer team captures Mick at our monthly meeting. Check out the selfie gadget Mick has!!

#SelfieSaturday #MickSchaferBand #Gadgets

So much fun getting interviewed and video'd by Ryan Reed and his amazing crew at KXRW!

#KXRW #RealRadio #CommunityConnection

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