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September 2020 Wrapup

September was interesting to say the least with a pandemic and a new home. If you missed any of my social media here are some of my favorites.

"Its the same old world, but its not the same" A slice of a Tom Waits cover "Make it Rain" feels topical.

Birthday celebration starring the cake! Mick is 71 ya'll. Thank you Kevin Schultz for some keyboard and thank you Mick Schafer Band for the song Liberty Load.

Mick Schafer sending Love to Portland and the west coast battling with 3 big things at once.

Feeling inspiration from a previous performance at the Hideaway Cafe in St. Petersburg Florida

Covering a funny romantic bluesy tune by Keb Mo called Dangerous Mood. Disaster distraction?

Mick Schafer reaches for his song “Tear of Joy” to remember our story is not over, here comes a new start.

After another especially rough week a blast of blues can help. Here's the Mick Schafer Band getting it done at Portland Oregon's Mekong Bistro with some of the best young musicians in that town. Paul Paresa on Keyboard, Dave Smith on bass, Cheo Larcombe on drums and Josh Makosky on electric guitar.

Singer Social Distancing? with Mick Schafer who is longing for good vaccine so he doesn't have to sing so far away


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