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September 2022 Wrapup

Mick's on his way back to Portland, taking a break in a hotel, practicing a Leonard Cohen cover for a house party job coming up in a few weeks.

hank you to Chrissy Valentine for gifting Victor Wooten’s book Music Lesson. Couldn’t read it only once. Had to read it again right away. And as per requested I will pass it along.

It’s been awhile since I was emersed in the energy of the Laurelthirst music room. The Portland Country Underground is setting up. 15 more minutes and the switch gets turned on.

Big thrill for Mick at Oregon City's iconic @TrailsEndSaloon to jam with bass player Gary Fountaine from Nu Shooz. MSB song Rainbow went over well. And thank you for the sweet guitar work of Gary Savage.

We're looking forward to playing in a fundraiser this Sunday at At The Garages Music Venue Eatery & Taphouse 6 to 10pm.

This will help get TJ Wong and his band to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge this coming January. TJ is on our Lightning in a Bottle records label and we're wishing him the best of luck.

Everybody's feeling it at the @AtTheGarages

Got hot in the Kitchen when the band was cooking on Rainbow. Grateful for TJ Wong, Chad Rupp, and Alec Donn joining us.

Thankful Thursday. Grateful that we got to play with Brady Goss at the Lair last week. He's on the Lightning in a Bottle label also.

@AtTheGarages night at a Fund Raiser to support Tracie's loss of her daughter Tiffany, @timmer.blakely stuns the house with this wonderful bass solo on Yellow Moon.

Timmer is the leader of the Lightning in a Bottle Records label and a world class bass player who has toured the world with PAUL GILBERT

First Tuesday in old Downtown Hillsboro has been a fun scene for long time. Mick has a hour show prepared starting at 6pm at Résolu Cellars!


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