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The Mick Schafer Band, Clark's Pub and Prosperity Pie & Mick Schafer Band

We had two gigs this week, Clark's Bistro with Jason JT Thomas on guitar!! and Prosperity Pie Shoppe with Josh Makosky on electric guitar and Jacob Badger on standup bass. It was a great musical week.

Here is the recap of social media posts for the week.


Clark's Bistro and Pub's Third Thursday Happy Hour with the Mick Schafer Band on 9/20! Jason JT Thomas on guitar!!

"I think the main thing a musician would like to do is give a picture to the listener of the many wonderful things he knows of and senses in the universe." John Coltrane Let's support local talent, Singer/Songwriter event tonight EastSide Bar and Grill Tonight Other two singer/songwriters playing tonight: Nicholas Albert and Kid Vicious. #WednesdayWisdom #MickSchaferBand #SupportOneAnother #PDXMusic #MusicianLife

Tom Esch is stopping by tonight at Clark's Bistro and Pub to burn the place down with his fiddle in the second set. #fiddle #PDXMusic #LiveMusic withTom Esch at Clark's Bistro and Pub.

photo: Tami Park

Looking forward to upcoming gig tomorrow night at Sacred Money Studios with Jacob Badger, standup bass and Josh Makosky on electric guitar.

The sweet, sweet sounds of The Mick Schafer Band at Prosperity Pie Shoppe


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