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The Mick Schafer Band Thanks Richie Havens

Ending our April tribute to one of our Musical Inspirations Richie Havens.

The Artistry of Richie's Music will always be an inspiration. This is the end our month long homage to one of my favorite musicians I wanted to share this video which highlights a number of his television appearances between 1969 and 1971, Richie Havens: The Lost Broadcasts film.

#MondayMusic #MickSchaferBand #OregonMusicScene #PDXMusic #RichieHavens

AT Clyde's Prime Rib watching Deborah Patton performing and David Watson. The drummer on the right is our friend Ed Pierce. He and I have played together at the Vinyl Tap jam.

#MyTownTuesday #MickSchaferBand ##PDXMusic #ClydesPrimeRib

"The Direction for my music is heaven, of course. We gear all things to the realm of heaven, which is the mind, the organized mind.

" #RichieHavens #WednesdayWisdom #MickSchaferBand #MusicianLife #PDXMusic

My love of flying

#ThrowbackThursday #TheMickSchaferBand #OregonMusicScene #MusicianLife #SunglassesRock

Saturday, May 5th, 2018 8:00 PM, 503 Uncorked 503 Uncorked 22578 SW Washington Street, Sherwood, OR 97140 Vocals & Guitar: Mick Schafer, Keyboards: Paul Paresa, Standup Bass: Jacob Badger #FundayFriday #MickSchaferBand #503Uncorked #PortlandMusicScene #PDXMusic #MusicianLife

Local star drummer Benjamin Weikel from Helio Sequence. We met a couple of weeks ago when I was getting my tuner repaired at Synapse. The Helio Sequence (Official) #SelfieSaturday #MickSchaferBand #PDX Music #BenjaminWeikel #OregonMusicScene #MusicianLife

Stay Tuned!

#richiehavens #inspiration

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