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The Vinyl 45 Project from the Mick Schafer Band

The Vinyl 45 project is moving right along. We've pressed two of the blues songs Mick recorded at Falcon Studios with #TimmerBlakely #DennisCarter #KenScandlyn #JasonJTThomas and #JohnMoore.

Gorbie International messaged us that the finished product will be ready in about a week. Can't wait to release this at the CBA Holiday Party on December 29th. You'll be able to order them up on our website or pick them up at shows too! Thanks for supporting local original music!!

If you missed any of our social media posts here are some of our favorites below.

Mick got to play a role in LDW's, (Portland's own Talking Heads Tribute Band) new music video. Get ready! It's politically charged to support the Blue Wave.

It's time for some fall grooves as the air cools and the leaves turn and now it's Wednesday, so let's collectively roll over the hump... Check out 'Playing With Fire' on Spotify. Much Love. #WednesdayWisdom #mickschaferband #bobstark #deanbaskerville #davecaptein #jtthomas #michaelelson #jeramyburchett #johnnastos #PDXMusic #MusicianLife #Music


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