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Third Week of July Recap with The Mick Schafer Band

Its been a very busy week with new friends and new music experiences. If you missed this weeks social media posts please view below!

Vinyl Tap is cool cool 😎 and AC cool and .. burning down the blues road with Bobby, Conrad and Mr Osborn out front. — with Marty Henninger and Marty Henninger at Vinyl Tap Bar And Grill.

The Mick Schafer Band plays at Clark's Bistro and Pub in Hillsboro this week on Thursday! We promise to play Sunset Sky! Join us! Mick on vocals and guitar, Josh Makosky on Electric Guitar, Tom Esch on Bass, Stephen B on Drums cdbaby http://bit.ly/2NUpixS #MusicMonday #MickSchaferBand #ClarksBistro

We had some fun at the @VancouverBrickhouse in Vancouver last week! Hope to see everyone there again real soon!!

#MyTownTuesday#MickSchaferBand #VancouverBrickhouse https://youtu.be/HqGSbCTHcaU

"When I put myself first in my own life, when I take the responsibility for meeting my own needs, then I can be available for those I care about in a healthy way." Mick

#WednesdayWisdom #MickSchaferBand#LoveYourself

Throwback at Clark's Bistro and Pub. The two Elijah's took the stage together on bass and electric guitar players. Catch The Mick Schafer Band at Clark's Bistro and Pub in Hillsboro tonight!

#ThrowbackThursday #MickSchaferBand #ElijahBryant #ElijahBlakeVanechek #JustusReece #DrewParson

Watching Rev Shines and Colton Tong spin at Produce Row with Billy Burkenroad.

#FundayFriday #MickSchaferBand #PDXMusic #RevShines#ColtonTong #BillyBurkenroad

Rodney Stubbs introduced this piano player Malderine Birmingham to the Mick Schafer Band. Thank you Rodney!

Sweet combination of Josh Makosky, Tom Esch, Stephen Weinstein and Malderine Birmingham. Thank you Rodney Stubbs for catching this! #MickSchaferBand #HillsboroORLIveMusic #BluesLove

Dale Payne is a spirited harmonica player, who spent a lot of time traveling in the south searching for Robert Johnson's authentic grave (there are 6 grave sites that claim to be real). Dale is here with daughter, Gigi and Mick.

#SelfieSaturday#MickSchaferBand #RobertJohnson #Crossroads#DeltaBlues


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